Fissure of a Sweetdream



The project is about a group of young romantics who escape from the city.

Wanning, Hainan Province, is known for its surfing culture and natural beauty. The pressure of city life is becoming more and more great for young people. In the past few years, many young people have moved here from all over the country for the love of surfing and pristine landscapes. I went to Wanning to live with the young people there. During this time, I recorded the daily life of the young people living here, as well as the natural landscape of Wanning. Living with them, I found that we shared a desire to escape the city, and a sense of being lost.

Wanning is like a place where young people who have escaped from the city can find spiritual refuge. The island is isolated from the outside world of modern life, Just as Romain Rolland mentioned the word "oceanic feeling", people here feel as free as the ocean, which also makes young people pay more attention to their own spiritual world. They withdrew from the city and took root here to follow the natural rhythm of the sun, moon and tide. The spirit and values that grow out of Wanning are attached to everyone who has lived here like seaweed, leaving traces on their bodies. This spiritual shaping seems to be closer to the essence, and to the mission of this arcadise: it builds the ideal core of the spiritual world, and dyes people's personalities below the skin like vegetable dye. By the end of my journey, however, I began to question whether this contrived way of creating an ideal spiritual home could be sustained: whether the powerful and gentle invasement of the mind nurtured by this environment would always be perfect and harmless to a person.


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