Gentle Cleaning 温和的清扫


There is a reference in an Eastern religion to "spirit" : it is like a fragment of emotion and consciousness, often hidden in the folds of physical space. The more folds there are, the more consciousness there is.
I recently moved to a new city.

The experience of the "spirit" went deep into my state of unease in facing a new environment. The time at home has become very long because of the frequent handling of work at home. Then I noticed that every corner of my home was full of physically folded debris, folded tables and chairs, stacked clothes, cluttered utensils, books on shelves, textiles on sofas and beds... It seems that when I gaze for a long time, "Spirit" emerges one by one from its hidden folds.

In this series, I set aside my previous approach of creation, which focused on project research, and followed my intuition to capture the strong "spirit" I perceived. I regard the camera as my cleaning tool, and the process of developing is like a gentle cleaning. When I look back again to the strong emotion in the space, it immediately dissipates and fades like smoke.

在某个东方宗教里曾提到关于“灵识”的说法:它如同情绪与意识的碎片,时常藏匿在物理空间的褶皱之中。当褶皱越多,“灵识”越多。 最近我搬到一座新的城市。对“灵识”的体验,深入到我面对新环境的不安状态里。由于时常居家处理工作,在家的时间变得很长。于是我留意到,家中的各个角落充斥着物理褶皱的碎片,折叠的桌椅、堆叠的衣物、杂乱的餐具、书架上的书籍、沙发和床上的纺织品……似乎我投以长久的凝视,“灵识”便从藏匿的褶皱中逐一浮现。 在这个系列中,我抛开以往着重项目调研的创作方式,跟随直觉捕捉所感知到的强烈“灵识”。我将相机视作我的清洁工具,显影的过程仿佛是一场温和的清洁,当我再次回溯到空间中的的浓烈情绪时,它即刻如烟尘般消散,褪去。

* Commission Photography Project for exhibition THE VIA COMBUSTA