Fading of Family 家族的褪去

The Entry of nursing home 养老院门口

The leisure room in the nursing home

The lemon tree in the yard of nursing home 养老院庭院里的芒果树

It used to be the center of gathering 它曾是中心

It was all gone,as it told

Grandparents'wardrobe 外公外婆的壁橱

So called regret

Grandmother's walking stick

Nonexistent backtracking-1

Fragile junction 脆弱连结 Chemical formula for forgetting 被迫遗忘的化学式

Nonexistent backtracking-2

Not yet...   尚未...

Can you hear me answering your request?

The room where the dead live is the tomb of the living

The ghost story 幽灵故事

The Cage 记忆的牢笼
Peeping 窥伺
Rebuilding 重建

Back 视而不见

Mystery Horizon-1

Mystery Horizon-2

A mother, A sister, A daughter

“                ... ...”

The signal of a return

My uncle, grandfather and grandmother used to live together. Through my contact with them, I observed the collective vulnerability that emanated from them. All three died within a few years of each other. For various reasons, I did not see the three of them last. Intense regret and self-reproach have kept me from letting go of the pain caused by the death of my loved one for years.

It's a natural reaction to run away from pain, but maybe confronting it can help you move on. It wasn't until I started talking to my friends about three deaths that I realized that most of them, like me, were trying to escape their loss.

Maurice Maeterlinck mentioned a point of view about death in the Blue Bird: although some people have passed away, as long as someone still remembers him, he will still be as happy as before. So I began to think, treat relatives, should be remembered and remember, rather than forget. So I don't want to run away. After that, I began to visit the places where they were last seen, and talked more about them with my family members, looking for traces of their existence and capturing things that I had neglected. In the end, the traces and feelings of being retrieved became the fetters of all three of them. These fetters will eventually become dark surges of their presence in my world, flowing on and on.


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