The Glow in the Sunset (Work in Progress)

In China, the Seniors University is the universities specifically open to the elderly. It is quite divergent from ordinary full-time universities, which are basically for young students. Thus,  there is no strict mechanism or examination for the entrance. Elderly people come to the Seniors University to enrich their later life and pursue self-worth. To be specific, approximately  70%  students participating in the Seniors University are females. As a matter of fact, women are most likely to heavily take on family responsibilities rather than men in most of cases,  which means they can barely spend time with themselves until they no longer need to work or take care of their families in their later years. After they retire with responsibilities for families anymore, part of women take the option to be students in the Senior Universities, such as my mother. My mother signed up for a course at a Seniors University nearby after she retired. when I heard her mention it, I became very interested in it. I started getting to know  my mother's campus life and talking to elder ladies with same choice while learning about their motivation.since I would be on their age one day and I am curious instinctively.